Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be The Christmas Miracle - ONLY 7 DAYS

We have a real opportunity to provide a literal Christmas miracle to over 100 teens spending Christmas away from their families this year.  We have just 7 days to collect everything on this list and we won't be able to do it without your help.

The children and teens who have landed at The Christmas Box House are there because they have been removed from a situation of abuse or neglect, as they wait to be placed in a suitable kinship or foster family home.  Some will reconnect with their families, most will not. Some will have a good relationship with their foster families, most will not. Studies show that those who age out of the foster care system without a supportive adult in their life, within two years of aging out will be homelessness, incarcerated or dead.  Most of these youth don’t know what it means to have something to look forward to Christmas morning because they’ve never had one. Volunteers like you can change that!

Jake and I provided Christmas for 34 teens back in 2009.  We found this group when we called and asked who was in the greatest need of Christmas donations.  We found out that teenagers were the most overlooked population because they weren't as "fun" to donate to as little kids. It was an  incredible experience knowing these are the kids that most often get overlooked when people are looking to donate to a population in need.  Now that our kids are a bit older we thought it was time to pick this back up and make this our Christmas tradition.

Since 2009, the program has more than tripled in size and we have significantly less time.  Knowing the amazing community we are a part of, we decided to go for it and promise these kids a basic Christmas so they are not forgotten this year.

Rarely to these kids get to shop and not only get things they need but things they want.  As you see the list, you will find these are basics to most of us and a bit of a splurge for these kids.  The Christmas Box house wants these kids to be able to shop and will be creating a mini store filled up with our donations.  What this means is they are are looking for variety.  Rather than buying 25 of the same sweatshirt, they are hoping to get a few different styles, colors, and graphics so the kids can find things that express a bit more of their personality.

Please follow this link to sign up for items to donate and contact Kristin to coordinate drop off.  You can email me at kristinbhodson@gmail.com or text her at 801-808-0636.

Who You Are Helping

The Christmas Box House 
  • CBH and Group homes are 24 hr/365 Short-term emergency shelter for children/teens who have experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment. Once brought to our shelter campus all kids are in State’s custody. Each is waiting till their DCFS caseworker can find permanent living arrangements with kin or foster family.
  • The Christmas Box House serves children newborn to 11 - Capacity is about 27-30 
  • Group homes serves teens ages 12- 18 – Capacity is 16 at each Group Home. And yes we have been at capacity many many times. 
  • Typically we serve more boys than we do girls.
  • Stay is anywhere from a few of days to a few of months, average is about 2-3 weeks. Longer stays are typically larger sibling groups, or special placement accommodations/needs are being determined. 
  • All clothes, books, gifts and toys they receive while here at CBH or Groups Homes, are NEW and leave with them to their new homes. (so in an effort to honor the kids we serve, we ask for only new items. Some have never owned their own new anything before. This is theirs, goes into a nice duffel bag and on to their homes.)
  • While they are here they also have an opportunity to get the resources that they need such as: Therapy visits (individual and group) dental & medical care . 
  • Opportunity to go to school (situation permitting, they can travel to their own school) or if it’s not safe, they attend class with award-winning resident K-6th & 7th-12th teachers. 
  • In-house activities, out-of-building adventures, activities, experiences and events!!


Ways You Can Help

Our hope is to give you ideas and ways you can get involved whether it is through in-kind donation, monetary or sharing this opportunity with your friends and family, social media and professional networks.   If you have others ways you can think of to make this Christmas miracle happen please share so others can be inspired too! As your purchase items, please be sure to mark them on the spreadsheet or contact kristinbhodson@gmail.com via email so she track the donations.

--Set-up a family shopping day and have your children purchase an item(s) for a child in need.

--Have your company do a Christmas donation drive

--Email Kristin for a copy of the flyer and share with your neighbors, family and school (kristinbhodson@gmail.com)

--Share blog on Facebook and encourage your networks to participate

--Provide a financial donation and let others do the shopping for you.

--Have your company participate in a "match."  It can be dollar for dollar for any sort of arrangement you make up.   (i.e. We will match dollar for dollar that others donate up to $250)

--Sign up for one specific item and run with it


I wanted to create a simple post that marked where the new project ended and the old project began.  You won't find any relevant information past this point.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Dream List

These kids are truly in need of a Christmas miracle.  I spoke with the representative at The Christmas box house today (11/21) and they were very nervous about having the basics covered for these kids.  If you have wanted to be a part of a Christmas miracle, here is your chance.

0 - Guitar Hero Handheld Game(@ Target for $11) - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Model Car/Airplane (Hobby Shop?) - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Tech Deck Skate Board Sets (Finger Skateboards) - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Journal (girl) - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - AAA Batteries - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Makeup Kits ($5 at WalMart) - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Twilight Books - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Fable Haven Books - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Decks of Cards - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Scarf and Glove - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Beanies - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Lotion Kits - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Boy Pajamas - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Girl Pajamas - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - $25 Walmart Gift Cards - ALL PURCHASED YAY!
0 - Axe Cologne Sets - ALL PURCHASED YAY!

My brother-in-law, who is a local dentist, is donating toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss for all 34 kids!

Someone else is donating 72 Mrs. Fields prepackaged cookies!

If you have any questions about any of the above listed items let me know!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ideas for Handheld Games

The hand held games seem to be harder to find this year especially since Nintendo and other companies have their $200 systems. My friend picked up a cheaper MP3 player in lieu of a hand held game, which I thought was a good idea, so I thought I would list this as an idea along with other hand held games I've seen out there:

At Walmart/Target:
Scrabble - $19.99
Connect 4 - $19.99
Yahtzee - $19.99
Battleship - $19.99
Jewel - $19.99
Solitaire - $19.99javascript:void(0)

I checked out MP3 players and they were in the same price range!

Hope this helps--


Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday and Christmas Shopping

As you start your Christmas shopping consider picking up an additional item for a Foster Teen in need. All of the items on the wish list are under $25 and some are as little as $3! I'm hearing about great sales on black friday such as $7 2-piece pajama sets at Walmart, $7 for Twighlight books at Target.

If you are hearing of great sales on items needed please let me know and I'll post it here!