Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ways You Can Help

Our hope is to give you ideas and ways you can get involved whether it is through in-kind donation, monetary or sharing this opportunity with your friends and family, social media and professional networks.   If you have others ways you can think of to make this Christmas miracle happen please share so others can be inspired too! As your purchase items, please be sure to mark them on the spreadsheet or contact kristinbhodson@gmail.com via email so she track the donations.

--Set-up a family shopping day and have your children purchase an item(s) for a child in need.

--Have your company do a Christmas donation drive

--Email Kristin for a copy of the flyer and share with your neighbors, family and school (kristinbhodson@gmail.com)

--Share blog on Facebook and encourage your networks to participate

--Provide a financial donation and let others do the shopping for you.

--Have your company participate in a "match."  It can be dollar for dollar for any sort of arrangement you make up.   (i.e. We will match dollar for dollar that others donate up to $250)

--Sign up for one specific item and run with it

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