Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be The Christmas Miracle - ONLY 7 DAYS

We have a real opportunity to provide a literal Christmas miracle to over 100 teens spending Christmas away from their families this year.  We have just 7 days to collect everything on this list and we won't be able to do it without your help.

The children and teens who have landed at The Christmas Box House are there because they have been removed from a situation of abuse or neglect, as they wait to be placed in a suitable kinship or foster family home.  Some will reconnect with their families, most will not. Some will have a good relationship with their foster families, most will not. Studies show that those who age out of the foster care system without a supportive adult in their life, within two years of aging out will be homelessness, incarcerated or dead.  Most of these youth don’t know what it means to have something to look forward to Christmas morning because they’ve never had one. Volunteers like you can change that!

Jake and I provided Christmas for 34 teens back in 2009.  We found this group when we called and asked who was in the greatest need of Christmas donations.  We found out that teenagers were the most overlooked population because they weren't as "fun" to donate to as little kids. It was an  incredible experience knowing these are the kids that most often get overlooked when people are looking to donate to a population in need.  Now that our kids are a bit older we thought it was time to pick this back up and make this our Christmas tradition.

Since 2009, the program has more than tripled in size and we have significantly less time.  Knowing the amazing community we are a part of, we decided to go for it and promise these kids a basic Christmas so they are not forgotten this year.

Rarely to these kids get to shop and not only get things they need but things they want.  As you see the list, you will find these are basics to most of us and a bit of a splurge for these kids.  The Christmas Box house wants these kids to be able to shop and will be creating a mini store filled up with our donations.  What this means is they are are looking for variety.  Rather than buying 25 of the same sweatshirt, they are hoping to get a few different styles, colors, and graphics so the kids can find things that express a bit more of their personality.

Please follow this link to sign up for items to donate and contact Kristin to coordinate drop off.  You can email me at kristinbhodson@gmail.com or text her at 801-808-0636.

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