Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Where/How/What's of Donating

I need to receive ALL donations no later than Dec 20th.

If you are planning on donating, please send me an email or comment on this blog (the sooner the better) including your A) Donation, B) Quantity and C)Name, Phone and Email. This will allow me to keep an accurate count of what's needed and what's been given.

You can drop donations off at my house: 4623 Park Manor Dr. (approximately 1320 E.)

If you are donating money to go towards the purchase of these gifts, you can send
a check to the above address. I also have a paypal account: for credit cards and if you have cash I would suggest bringing it directly to me.

If you want to do something in addition to what's on the donation list that's Great! Just send me an email:

If you want to continue donating to this wonderful group of kids even AFTER Christmas check with me, there are dozens of ways you can make a daily difference with little time and effort.

I am all over the valley during the week so if coming to my house isn't convenient I can meet you or pick it up somewhere for you. Just let me know :)

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