Friday, November 20, 2009

Letters From Kids

"thank you very much for giving us good food and good clothing. All of the kids at the boys group home are very greatful for everything you guys do for us. oh and thank you for taking us to the christmas store for clothing and toys and games. All of you guys do so much for us at the group home and we are thankful. it's so nice to see that people care for us that made mistake in our lives or had abusive parents and i think it is great that all of you want to help us succeed in life. once again thank you for everything. and i hope you keep helping out with our problems and keep up the good work. i hope you all have a merry christmas and thank you for everything you do."

"dear volunteers, i really appreciate all the work and time y'all put into your activities for the Boys & Girls Group home I'm not sure about the others but i really do like people who care about teens like us and actually take time out of your daily lives to come do fun activities with us. most others would be just like 'well they got themselves in there, they need to do their time...' while some of us are just waiting for another placement. anyways we thank you for all the time and fun we get to have with you guys."

"we really like going places and doing fun things while we're in here because of our mistakes in or because of abusive parents and i for one really love going places that are fun and stuff when we are being good and i really appreciate all the hard work you guys do to give us some fun activities and stuff like that. once again i would like to thank you for everything each of you does to make this place a better place for all of us."

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